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Yes Health, Inc.


Design, Development


Yes Health is an innovative 16-week diabetes prevention program that puts a personal health coach and peer group in your phone. I worked with the founding team to simplify the user experience and modernize the app's visual design.


1 in every 3 adult Americans has prediabetes. For adults aged 65 years and older, 1 in every 2 has prediabetes. Reversing this disease necessitates difficult lifestyle and habit changes; mobile apps and connected smart fitness devices present worthy tools to help make that possible.

After a successful beta trial, Yes Health Founder and CEO Alex Petrov recruited a talented team to improve and polish the product. I collaborated with another LA-based brand designer, David Wishart of Freshbait, to simplify the sprawling user interface.

Fighting diabetes requires a wholistic approach to health that requires nutrition, fitness, and well-being activities. This results in a more complex feature set than many consumer apps have, so my primary goal was to meet those needs while making it feel simple to use. One key to that was leaning on the well-known interaction of social messaging, which also highlighted the most magical experience within the app: getting near real-time meal and activity feedback from a real, qualified human.



I overhauled the app's information architecture to group related features and moved secondary features out of the primary bottom tab bar navigation and into placements where users would find them most convenient. I utilized a lightweight design pattern library to minimize reusable UI elements and help communicate specifications to the development team.

Taking inspiration from lifestyle magazine design, we incorporated more photography and adopted a light, clean aesthetic. I concepted an activity catalogue for exploring activities you can schedule.

As is common in early startups, everyone got to pitch in on many areas in the rush to launch on deadline.

My Roles Included

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web hosting setup
  • theme and training
  • iOS development
  • HTML email template design
  • PHP development for weekly newsletters
  • Marketing consulting
  • Brand identity collaboration
Yes Health app design pattern library.
Miscelaneous app screens.

Yes Health is available in the App Store.

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